210 SAP BW (BI) NW 7.0 Interview Questions with Answers & Explanations – eBook

210 SAP BI NW 7.0 Interview Questions with Answers & Explanations

What does it take to gain entry into the fascinating & lucrative world of SAP Business Intelligence?

A successful Interview.

In fact for contracting jobs, all it takes is a half an hour telephone interview before you get your first break.

Though the interview procedure is more drawn out for permanent job, there is normally only ever One technical interview.

A successful interview can provide you with that break which will be the first step to a career in the SAP World.

So what are the interviewers looking for?

For an associate level position (less than 4 year’s BI project experience), here is what the interviewers typically look for:

– Decent overall knowledge of SAP Business Warehouse.

– Deep knowledge in at least one or two area (e.g. Modelling/Query Design etc).

– Ability to work in a team environment (As you are a junior you will probably be working as part of a larger team).

– Ability to find relevant technical information. (With BI NW 7.0 being so wide, no single consultant is reasonably expected to know everything. However, you should have the skills to find out more wherever required).

The kind of questions asked at the associate level interview are less to do with tables and fields and more to do with your approach to a project issue and how you match up the BW (BI) functionality to fulfill the project requirements.

This is something that can only come with experience or if you receive some coaching from experienced consultants.

So how would you like some insider knowledge of what kind of questions are asked in an actual BW (BI) interview and what kind of response gets you the green light?

The eBook ‘210 SAP BW (BI) Interview Questions with Answers and Explanations’ is Exactly what you need.

Why should you buy this book?

Current Questions that are being asked in Interviews TODAY

Every single question is based on project knowledge and personal experience

Divided into BW (BI) functionality areas for easy reading

Covers the most important concepts & configuration settings

Focus on business scenarios

Some unique features of this book:

– There is NO Other book in the market for the BW (BI) NW 7.0 Interview Questions.

– The Question are ACTUAL questions asked in some of the regular interviews that the likes of Accenture & IBM do.

(How do we know? Because we do some of these interviews!)

– The authors are themselves BW (BI) Certified and have a combined experience of over 20 years in SAP Consulting.

– Over 210 authentic questions, that are being asked in interviews TODAY!

Why should you trust me?

I am an SAP functional consultant and have worked with SAP AG in many parts of the world.

With over 12 years experience in SAP,  and four Certifications in different areas, I know what it takes to me successful in the World of SAP.

Over the years, I have interviewed hundreds of SAP BW (BI) candidates and know what Clients are looking for.

It is not only the technical knowledge that the candidate possesses, it is also the way he approaches the problem, the attitude he displays and other ‘soft’ factors.

With SAP BI NW 7.0 being a relatively new release, there are not many candidates in the market that have indepth knowledge in this subject.

I see this as an excellent opportunity for your break into the world of SAP Consulting.

And that is why I have written this book.

Have a look at some sample questions from the book here:

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