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SAP Management Accounting (CO) Video Training
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You get complete coverage of the topics below:

Introduction to SAP ERP
Overview on SAP Netweaver
Overview on SAP Solution Manager

Introduction to Controlling
Maintain Controlling Area
Activate Components/Control Indicators
Assignment of Company Codes to Controlling Area
Maintain Number Ranges
Maintain Versions

Introduction to Cost Element Accounting
Types of Cost Elements
Cost Element Vs GL Account
Create/Change/Display Manual Cost Center
Automatic Creation of Cost Elements
Creation of Cost Element Groups

FI-CO Reconcilation GL Assignment
Configuration Steps

Introduction to Profit Center Accounting
Profit Center Assignments
Basic Settings – Configuration Steps

Create/Change/Display Profit Center
Actual Postings to Profit Centers
Transaction Posting to CO

Profit Center Planning
Planning value upload with GL

Cost Center Accounting
Master Data
Configuration Steps
Creating/Change/ Display cost centre
Creating/Change/Display Cost Center Group
Creating/Change/ Display activity types
Creating/ Change/ Display statistical key figures
Transaction Postings to CO

Cost Center Planning
Configuration Steps
Planning value update

Internal Orders
Internal Order Types
Real Vs Statistical Order
Configuration Steps
Create/Change/Display Internal Order

Internal Order Planning
Configuration Steps
Assigning Plan Values

Internal Order Settlement
Configuration Steps
Internal Order Settlement

Product Costing
Cost Flow in Product Costing
Product Cost Components
Configuration of product costing
Cost Sheet
Costing Run

Profitability Analysis
Basic Terms in PA
Approches in PA
Master Data
Pritability Segments
Characteristics and value fields
Actual Value flow overview in PA
CO-PA Planning

Reports on: Cost Elements
Cost centers
Activity Types

Reports on: Profit Center Accounting
Internal Order

Report Painter
Elements on Reports Painter
Creating Report with report painter

Create LSMW

…………………….. and many more Controlling topics

Over 20 hours of high quality training delivered by expert Consultants!!


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Video Training FAQs

Q. What is the duration of the training?
A. The length of the videos is over 20 hours.

Q. Do you give any certificate for completing the training?
A. We are not officially affiliated with SAP AG and hence are unable to provide you with a certificate.

Q. I do not have a credit card. How can I pay?
A. Kindly get in touch with us at:  admin at for alternative payment methods.

Q. Will I be able to get a job after doing this training?
A. The training by itself will not get you a job. However, if you understand the topics well (which this training will help you to do), and get yourself certified, then you have a decent chance to get a job as a junior consultant.

Q. Can I access the training multiple times?
A. Within 12 hours of your purchase, you will receive a download link. You can download the training files on your machine and view them as many times as required..