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SAP Fi Live Video Training
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You get complete coverage of the topics below:

Enterprise Structure and Global Settings

Creation of Company, Company Codes

Business Area, Consolidated business area

Fiscal Year, Posting Period, Posting Keys

Document Number range, Document type

Tolerance Group

Field Status Group

General Ledger Accounting

Chart of Accounts

Account Groups

Retained earnings account

Creation of GL accounts

Posing of GL entries

Holding, parking and posting of documents

Reversal of documents

Reference Documents

Accounts Receivable

Defining Customer master records

Posting Invoices & Payments

Partial and full payment

Down Payment received & setting off entries

Tax on Sales/ Purchase

Foreign Currency Valuation

Dunning to customers

Accounts Payable

Defining Vendor master records

Posting Invoices & Payments

Down Payment made & setting off entries

Automatic Payment Program

Asset Accounting

Chart of depreciation

Defining Asset Master Records

Integration with General Ledger

Asset class -. Asset creation

Depreciation posting

Retirement of an Assets

Cash Management

Cash journal entries (Petty Cash)

Bank Statements


Controlling Area Settings

Number range to controlling documents

Cost Element Accounting

Automatic creation of Cost Elements

Individual creation of Cost Elements

Cost Center Accounting

Creation of Cost Center, Planning

Posting of cost into cost center

Manual reposting of cost

Distribution and assessment

Internal Order Accounting

Order Type, Number range

Creation of order, Planning & Posting

Defining settlement rules

Final settlement of Internal order

Profit Center Accounting

Settings for Profit Center

Creation of Profit Center, Planning

Posting of revenues

Distribution and Assessment


You also get ;

• Over 200 pages of high Quality study material

• Custom made by SAP experts for learning the topic quickly

• Presentations outlining Key concepts

• Practise Questions and Answers

• Available ONLY with this video purchase!

Video Training FAQs

Q. What is the duration of the training?
A. The length of the videos is over 20 hours.

Q. Do you give any certificate for completing the training?
A. We are not officially affiliated with SAP AG and hence are unable to provide you with a certificate.

Q. I do not have a credit card. How can I pay?
A. Kindly get in touch with us at:  admin at for alternative payment methods.

Q. Will I be able to get a job after doing this training?
A. The training by itself will not get you a job. However, if you understand SAP Finance well (which this training will help you to do), and get yourself  certified, then you have a decent chance to get a job as a junior consultant.

Q. Can I access the training multiple times?
A. Within 5 minutes of your purchase, you will receive a download link. You can download the training files on your machine and view them as many times as required..