SAP Fiori Video Training

SAP Fiori Video Training
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You get complete coverage of the topics below:

Introduction to SAP Fiori
Overview of SAP Fiori solution
Overview of SAP Fiori Apps
UX strategy

SAP Fiori Architecture
Introduction to Fiori Architecture
App Types
Hardware and Software Requirement

SAP NetWeaver (NW) Gateway
Deployment Options
Overview of Odata
Data Modeling concepts

ODATA Services & NetWeaver Gateway
Creation of Odata Services
Overview of RFC Generator
Registering a service
Testing a Service

Odata services Advance Concepts
Redefining services
Service Composition

NW Gateway Advance Topics
How to support mutiple backend systems

Configuration of Transactional Apps
Configuration of Factsheets
Configuration of Analytical Apps

Internal Orders
Internal Order Types
Real Vs Statistical Order
Configuration Steps
Create/Change/Display Internal Order

Overview of Installation of different components

SAP Fiori Launchpad
Overview of Launchpad
Configuration of Launchpad
Various Launchpad functions

Theme Designer
Overview of Theme Designer
Customization of themes in Theme Designer

Introduction to SAP Fiori Security

Data Flow
End to End Data Flow in SAP Fiori

Workflow Basics
Practical example using Fiori App

Basics of Extensibility
How to Extend Odata

UI5 concepts
SAPUI5 Components
HTML5 Overview

UI5 Advance Topics
Binding and SAPUI5 Project

Design Patterns in UI5
Design Patterns
Routing and Navigation
Tables in UI5


……………………..   and many more related topics

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Video Training FAQs

Q. What is the duration of the training?
A. The length of the videos is over 15 hours.

Q. I do not have a credit card. How can I pay?
A. Kindly get in touch with us at:  admin at for alternative payment methods.

Q. Will I be able to get a job after doing this training?
A. The training by itself will not get you a job. However, if you understand the topics well (which this training will help you to do), and get yourself certified, then you have a decent chance to get a job as a junior consultant.

Q. Can I access the training multiple times?
A. Within 12 hours of your purchase, you will receive a download link. You can download the training files on your machine and view them as many times as required..