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You get complete coverage of the topics below:

Landscape and SAP ERP Architecture
System Architecture and ABAP Program
Process flow of ABAP program
Runtime system behaviour
Introduction to the Repository
SAP Application Hierarchy
ABAP Workbench Tools
General Structure of ABAP Statement
Difference between Old and New ABAP Editor

Data Dictionary
Intoduction To Dictionary
Tables in ABAP Dictionary
Create Domain
Create Data Element
Technical Settings Table
Maintenance generator
Transaction Code for Table maintenance generator
Foreign Key Relation
Pool Table creation
Create Structure and Table Type
Creation of Search Help
Creation of Views
Creation of Lock Object

Modularization Techniques
CASE -ENDCASE abap Statement
Selection Screen, Radio Button creation , Check box creation
IF-ENDIF statement
Logical Expression
DO-ENDDO statement
Example Factorial program

ABAP Data Types
Character data type
Integer data type
String data type
Numeric data type
Packed data type
Float data type
Date data type
Time data type

Internal Table
Defination of internal table
Searching and Sorting of Internal table
Select query using Internal table
Inner Join and Outer Join for Internal table
Creation and calling of Subroutine
Subroutine with Using and Changing parameters

Selection Screen Design
Select Option, Parameters
At Selection Screen Output
Subscreen design
At Selection Screen Help Request

Module Pool
Overview of module pools creation
Components of Screen
Screen Painter
Runtime Architecture of screen flow control
Data transport from the screen to the program

Object Oriented Programming
Example of Class Diagram
Aggegration and Composition
Delegation Principle
Public and Private section for Class
Calling Method

Introduction to OOPS
Create ClassDefine Private and Public attributes
Create Public and Private Method
Class Implementation
Calling Public and Private Method
Programming Techniques of OOPS
Generalization and Specialization
Inheritance syntax
Redefining Method
Defination of the Constructor in Subclasses
Inheritance and visibility
Protected versus Private Section
Widening cast and Narrowing with object References
Polymorphism using Superclass Reference
Exception Handling

Example for Programming Techniques in SAP ERP
Hands on Example for Object Oriented Concepts and Programming Technique

Object Oriented way of Creation ALV
Creating Screen : Flow logic
Graphical User interface (GUI) Status
Create object for standard Class
Create Container for ALV
Calling standard method using Pattern for ALV display

ABAP Debugger and Performance Techniques
Analysis and Testing
ABAP Debugger
New Debugger
Break point, Assertions and Logpoints
Creating Watchpoint
Memory Use during Debugger
Code Inspector
Create Variant
Runtime Analysis
SQL Trace

Enhancement Framework
Enhancement types
Implementation of Exit
Enhancement Point
Enhancement Options
Function Module
BADI Creation
Principle of BADI Screen Exits

Web Dynpro Development
Web Dynpro properties and programming model
Web Dynpro Views
Web Dynpro Components
Web Dynpro Layout Design
Creation Node and Attributes
Create Pushbutton, Input/Output fields
Binding of data to layout
Creation of Inbound and Outbound plugs
Creation of Web Dynpro Application
Event Creation


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Video Training FAQs

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A. The training by itself will not get you a job. However, if you understand the topic well (which this training will help you to do), and get yourself certified, then you have a decent chance to get a job as a junior consultant.

Q. Can I access the training multiple times?
A. Within 5 minutes of your purchase, you will receive a download link. You can download the training files on your machine and view them as many times as required..